Internet explorer has stopped working

How to fix Internet Explorer has stopped working? 

Internet explorer stopped working: If  MSN  customer gets this error message Internet Explorer has stopped working‘. That means,  must be a  3rd  party  “.dll”  file is conflicting with iexplore .exe.

Internet Explorer getting lots of load unwanted toolbars,  BHO’s,  addon’s,  extensions, and some internet explorer security settings.

We have  the proper solution to  fix that error message  “Internet Explorer has stopped working”.  Follow below mentioned  9  methods one by one to fix that issue.

Method 1: Reset Internet Explorer

Reset Solution 1:

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click on Tools menu (Press “alt” key to active menu bar).
  • Click on “Internet Options“. A configuration window you will appear
  • Click on advanced tab.
  • Press “Reset” Button. You’ll get another box, here check a box named as “Delete Personal Settings“, then
  • Click on Reset button on it.

Reset Solution 2:

If you couldn’t open IE or you couldn’t reset Internet Explorer through above method, so there is another method which is very effective to reset Internet Explorer through the control panel. Follow the following steps:

  • Click on Start Button
  • Follow by Control panel
  • Click on Network and Internet
  • Choose “Internet Options“. (You will get a configuration window)
  • Open advanced tab.
  • Click on “Reset” Button. You’ll get another box, here check the box named as “Delete Personal Settings“, then click on Reset button on it.

Internet explorer stopped working

Follow next method, if it doesn’t work.

Method 2: Disable Software Rendering.

Disable Hardware Acceleration option in IE 9 & IE10

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click on Tools menu (Press “alt” key to active menu bar).
  • Press on “Internet Options”. a configuration window you will appear
  • Now open an advanced tab.
  • Un-check an option named as “use software rendering instead of GPU rendering”. it is located under “accelerated graphics”.

Internet explorer stopped working

Follow next method, if it doesn’t work.

Method 3: Disable 3d in “NVIDIA Graphics driver”

Disable “stereoscopic 3D” option into “NVIDIA Graphic driver” application. (If you have Nvidia Graphics Drivers & Software, If you don’t have you can leave that step)

  • Open Nvidia software from the system tray.
  • Disable the option named as “stereoscopic 3D” from NVIDIA Drivers (NVIDIA driver is a computer Graphics drivers their software runs on the system tray. )

Internet explorer stopped working

Internet explorer stopped working

Follow next method, if it doesn’t work.

Method 4: Uninstall Unwanted Toolbars

  • Remove Unwanted Toolbars from Control Panel.

Internet explorer stopped working

If still, it doesn’t fix, so please follow next method.

Method 5: Disable Unwanted Add-ons

  • Disable Unwanted Add-ons from Internet Explorer.

Internet explorer stopped working

Please follow next method, if it doesn’t work.

Method 6: Re-install Java, Flash player, Silverlight.

  • Uninstall and then Re-install Add-ons program Like Java, Flash player, Silverlight from the control panel.

Follow next method, if it doesn’t work.

Method 7: Reset Security Zone.

  • Reset Internet Explorer Security Settings zone.

Internet explorer stopped working

It doesn’t fix, so please follow next method.

Method 8: Run Microsoft Fixit’s

  1. Download and run this Microsoft Fixit to resolve that problem.

2. Restart the computer.

Follow next method, if it doesn’t work.

Method 9: Get “.dll” file name which one makes conflicting.

If your issue has not fixed yet by following above method, that means must a “.dll” file which have made conflicting with iexplore.exe. we have to find that “.dll” file name with the help of system logs. please follow steps.

  • Right click on MyComputer and then click on Manage. You’ll get another window.
  • Click on an arrow of the “Event Viewer” (Expand it).
  • Press the arrow of the “Windows Logs” (Expand it).
  • Click on “Application” under Windows Logs.
  • Now look on the right side panel, it has listed all the system LOGS.
  • Next scroll down and find an error(Red Cross Error) related to iexplore.exe, and double click on it get the details (that log was created when you get an error message on Internet Explorer, so please find by the “Time”).
  • Now you have the Error Message details. Find the name of “.dll” on that detail.
  • Now you have the particular “.dll” file name which one is doing conflicting with iexplore.exe. Now Stop the conflicting via repair, rename, delete that file. you have to do research on it, what to do with that file (I can’t help you anymore because I don’t know “.dll” file name), so please do it carefully.

Internet explorer stopped working

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MSN Butterfly Not Working

My MSN Butterfly does not work

MSN Butterfly Not Working: MSN  is basically a  web portal that enables the users to create their own  MSN  account so that they can use it for various purposes. It was launched by  Microsoft and its domain name is under  Hotmail. MSN  now has become one of the most widely used e-mail service providers all over the world and its users have also increased tremendously in the recent years.

MSN Butterfly Not Working

Despite, being the extraordinary e-mail service providers, there are times when it doesn’t work properly and creates difficulties for its users. So, if MSN butterfly is not working, then the users need to follow certain steps to fix it and also can contact MSN Butterfly Technical Support Number:

  • Firstly the customer needs to make sure that their device is connected to the internet services.
  • Restart the computer and try to open MSN.
  • If the customers are using routers to connect the internet, then they should make sure that it is working properly. The customers should also reset the router if needed.
  • If the customers are using the dial-up facility to connect the internet then they should disconnect and then connect the modem if required.
  • Customers should always enter their MSN username and password correctly while accessing their MSN account. If they’ve forgotten their password then they should follow steps to recover it.
  • The firewall on which you are accessing the MSN account should be compatible with each other.
  • The customers MSN account should always be verified so as to maintain its security level. For this customers can use the 2 step verification method.
  • The e-mail filtering feature of MSN should be turned off.

If MSN Butterfly not working on I phone then the customers should follow the steps to fix the issue:

  • Firstly the customer needs to switch on their I phones and then click on configuration settings.
  • Then select for POP3 and the IMAP server settings option.
  • Click on settings again and go to mail, contact, and calendar.
  • Then select add account and after that select the option other.
  • Enter your name, e-mail address, and the correct password.
  • Click on incoming mail server POP port and the number 993 and just mention
  • Then click on outgoing mail server SMTP port and the number 465 and write
  • Then lastly mention your password and select to finish.

On the other hand, if MSN is not working on I pad then the customer should apply the same solution mentioned above for I phone to fix the issue in New York.

If these above steps still not able to solve your issues then Call @ +1-856-514-8666.

MSN not responding recover webpage

Error recover web page, Internet Explorer not responding

MSN not responding recover webpage: Internet not responding issues, when a customer tries to go to a website 9 out of 10 times they get a pop up at the bottom of my page saying MSN website not working, or other websites, not responding. Then the question box opens to says recover webpage? The customer click yes, but nothing happens!

MSN not responding recover webpage

Method 1:

We would suggest you run the Fixit from the link mentioned below and check.

Fix Internet Explorer add-on problems when IE hangs or freezes

Check if the issue occurs, if it does proceed to method 2.

Method 2:

Follow the steps from the link mentioned below and check

Tips for solving problems when Internet Explorer crashes or stops working

Note: Resetting Internet Explorer is not reversible. After a reset, all previous settings are lost and can’t be recovered. Rather than resetting everything, you might want to reset specific settings in the Internet Options dialog box or delete your webpage history. There is a chance of data loss if any files are infected and which may be deleted in the cleanup process.

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Msn not working with windows 10

Process to resolve the issue MSN not working with windows 10 | New Jersey

MSN is a collection of internet sites. It is a web portal, it is designed by micro soft for windows and mobile devices. MSN is an abbreviation of Microsoft network.MSN technical support provides the solution for troubleshooting problem regarding web page opening, antivirus updating etc.

If you are working on your computer with windows 10 and your program is not open due to errors or file damage then it means MSN not working with windows 10,then you will see an error message on your window which contains a link for more information and you can click on that link for getting relevant information. If this message does not show then you have to follow these steps:


First, you need to go at the start and then you need to go to control panel then you have to open Administrative tools


Now you have to select the open viewer then


Then you have to select the application


Now you have to click on the filter current log at the right-hand side of the page


You need to check error in the filter log window here you will see Event id box then type here some number and then click OK


You need to double-click on the latest application error and you will get fault module of the Internet Explorer.


You need to check your faulty application is msn.exe then you may see too many application errors is not associated with MSN crash.


Then restart your browser, you will see that MSN is working with your windows 10.

When you upgrade an option from MSN Explorer Software, you may get an error then you can contact to MSN customer service.

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