Microsoft Billing Software 

Free Download Microsoft Billing Software 

Microsoft Billing Software 

Microsoft Billing Software is mainly used to handle all the task for applying the correct price for an item. It is so efficient and specified for the retail outlet, current time and date, inspection of different items. And it is known as powerful billing system solution.

The main feature of billing is correct price and promotion is to apply automatically by HDPOS when the operator adds an item in the invoice.

Services We Offer

If you have any issue regarding Microsoft Billing

  • Issue in making first sales invoice
  • Problem to editing or deleting sales invoice
  • To clone a sales invoice
  • Problem in changing number or date of invoice
  • Unable to add the charges of freight and packaging
  • Software installing or downloading issue

Features of Microsoft Billing

This software is used for smart and active billing

  • Detailed stock Management and financial accounting
  • Tax management and GST with customized report
  • For tailoring , repairing, barcode printing
  • SMS integration and CRM
  • For manufacturing and BOM

Microsoft Billing Software for Easy Transaction

It is the strength of GHDPOS for easy billing. It contains lot of functions to checkout counter of the retail business. You can prepare the invoices quickly, can check the alternatives for items, and suggest existing promotions to customer.

Easy and Quick Billing System

This software can handle a very large with excellent speed. It identifies and add the items very fast in invoice by use of bar code scanner, easy and quick selection of item name and serial number and can understands more than one bar codes at same item.

This software is quite perfect to apply the correct price for item. It is based on many factors for price, price at newly opened outlet, price on currently active promotions and on other items in current invoice.

View Microsoft Bill or Invoice

  • Go to the “admin “
  • Now go to “bills”
  • Choose “billing then bills”
  • Now choose “month and date”
  • Then choose “view”

Microsoft Billing Software 

  • Choose your order and choose “view details”
  • Go on the “bill details”
  • Check ( total balance, current amount due, payment due date, amount of last payment)
  • Now follow the instruction very carefully
  • Record of last payment date and for amount paid
  • Order creation date and order number
  • To see the month then “choose a “month and year” then “click” on “show”

Microsoft Billing Software 

  • Print or save a copy
  • Click on “view invoice”

Microsoft Billing Software Customer Support

Microsoft Billing Software 

The qualified certified team of our engineers in Illinois provides all the technical support for all the errors and issue such as server issue, network or printer issue, antivirus issue, windows issue and many more.

For Microsoft Billing Software Download Support Call @ +1-856-514-8666.

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