Download MSN Explorer 11

How to Download MSN Explorer 11?

If you’re using an older version of Download MSN Explorer 11. You’ll need to download and install the update right away to continue using the safest software.

Dial-up customers:  Since MSN Explorer provides your internet connection, you will not be able to follow the steps to install MSN Explorer online. If you do not have a Dial-up CD please order a CD at

Broadband Users:  Ensure you are connected to the internet before downloading and installing the Client Software.

  • Open a new browser, go to

Download MSN Explorer 11

  • Sign-in using the primary email account

Download MSN Explorer 11

Download MSN Explorer 11

  • Click on Download and install the latest MSN software and click “Install Now”
  • Click “Run” when prompted and follow the download instructions.
  • On your desktop, you should now see an icon “MSN Installer”.
  • It may take up to a minute or two for the Installer icon to appear on the desktop.
  • If you do not see “copying files” or the “installation wizard” even after a minute or two clicks on the MSNInstaller.exe to launch the installation wizard
  • On the Are you currently connected to the Internet? page please selects I’m currently connected to the Internet  and click Next
  • On the next screen please enter your email address/password and click Next
  • If you have a dial-up subscription and are currently using DSL or LAN connection, on the Configure Dial-up      Internet Access Now? Page please choose No, I’ll configure Dial-Up Internet Access later and                    click Next
  • Enter your name as shown on the Review and sign the agreements  page and click I Accept
  • Click Next to complete installation
  • Once the installation has completed the install wizard will close and you should click on the MSN.exe on your desktop to launch the MSN Client.

Get MSN Explorer 11 now: Step-by-step guide to updating Microsoft’s web browser on your PC

How to install MSN Explorer 11

1: First you need to visit this webpage to download IE11.

Download MSN Explorer 11

2: Below the Get MSN Explorer 11 button you’ll see a ticked box marked ‘I would also like Bing and MSN defaults’. This will make Bing your default search engine and MSN your homepage. If you’d like to stick with your current defaults, untick the box then click the Get MSN Explorer 11 button.

Download MSN Explorer 11

3: A download window should appear next. Click Run, followed by Yes in the next box.

Download MSN Explorer 11

4: The installation will then continue on its own. Once it’s complete you may need to restart, so click Restart Now.

5: When your PC resumes, your MSN Explorer 11 browser will be ready to use.

If you are still not able to install MSN Explorer 11 Call us @ +1-856-514-8666.

How to download msn premium software?

How to download MSN premium software? | Minnesota

MSN services provide the different way to download MSN Premium Software. You can Download MSN Premium Software online or Request a CD for Installation for Dial-Up Connection. Those Customers who access high-speed broadband connection they MSN premium software Online Via

Membercenter.MSN.Com also help you to manage your MSN premium and MSN Dial-up Subscription. It helps you to renew and buy new MSN Subscription and Provide All the Information about the Plans and Services.

There is Some Step to Download MSN Premium Software / MSN Dial-up Software.

1: Download MSN Software click on the Link- Click Here

2: MSN Software download to your Computer Run the Application and Click on Yes.

Download MSN Software

3. Now new pop-up window open and MSN Software Start the Installation process it takes around 2-5 min to Complete.

4. After few minutes MSN Installation Wizard Gives you two Option If you already have MSN Email        Id than chose First Option or if you don’t have then create new MSN email clicking on the second        Link.

5. Enter your MSN email or Register Email Address and click on next.

6. Now Enter your MSN Premium Account Password and Click on Sign In

For further information or support with these steps Call us +1-856-514-8666 at any time.