Contact Microsoft Billing

Microsoft Billing

For XBOX Support Call  +1-800-469-9269.

To Renew Microsoft Office Call +1-800-365-1879.

Contact Microsoft Billing

Contact Microsoft Billing

Microsoft is global application for the computer software, hardware, mobile and the cloud services. It is so demanded software around the world for profession or personal use.

Add Account to Microsoft Account

Contact Microsoft Billing

  • Open your “account”
  • And go to “Microsoft account profile”
  • Sign in with your email address and password
  • Click on “add”
  • Click on the “account” you want to add
  • Follow the instruction carefully and add

Rename Microsoft Account 

Contact Microsoft Billing

  • Open your account
  • Sigh in “your info page”
  • And “select” on “manage how sign in to Microsoft”
  • Go to “account alias”
  • Enter your “email address”
  • Click on “add email” or on “add phone number”
  • Now “click” on “make primary”
  • Then “select” on “remove” on email address you want

Change Display Name on Microsoft Account 

Contact Microsoft Billing

  • Sign in your account
  • And go to your “info page”
  • Go to “name” option and “click” on “edit name”
  • Now “click” on “add name””
  • Please “type” the “name” of your choice and “click” on “save”

Change Microsoft Account Picture 

Contact Microsoft Billing

  • Sign in your account and go to your “info”
  • Now “click” on “add picture” or “change picture”
  • And follow the instructions

Reset Microsoft Account Password

  • Sign in to open your account
  • Now go to “reset your password”
  • Please “choose the reason for resetting the password
  • Then “click” on “next” Contact Microsoft Billing
  • Enter your “email address” in the box
  • Type the “captcha” then “click on “next”
  • Now you will receive a code on your phone number or on email address
  • Go to the next window and “type” the “new password”

Close Microsoft account

  • First, go to “close your account”
  • Follow the instructions and sign in your account
  • Click double on the account you want to delete
  • Confirm your “Microsoft account”
  • And “click” on “next”
  • Now go to the “list” and “choose” a “reason”
  • Finally “mark” the account to close

Remove or Manage Microsoft Account

  • Click on “Microsoft account profile”
  • Sign in, enter your email address and password
  • Go to right side and “click” the account you want to manage or remove
  • Tick the “box” and select the “settings” and then “click” on “save”
  • Or “click” on “remove this connection completely”

Microsoft Billing Customer Support Contact Microsoft Billing

The team of expertise is well mannered and well experienced to provide 24*7 hours solution in Georgia for all your major and minor issue frequently to make you tension free.

For more information Call @ +1-800-365-1879 (Toll Free)

Microsoft Billing Support

Microsoft Payment and Billing Help

Microsoft window is a software to manage all the programs with many exciting features. It is widely used for office as well as personal use with full privacy and security. Make your all payment and bill without any tension.

Errors of Microsoft Billing

  • Software set and install issue
  • Password set, reset or change issue
  • Troubleshooting issue
  • Problem in renew, cancel or change subscription
  • Issue in adding, updating or removing credit card
  • Facing error in switching different subscription and plan
  • Issue in changing the payment method
  • Problem in checking bill or invoice
  • Unable to change billing address
  • Facing issue in adding money to Microsoft account

Add money to Microsoft Account with Bitcoin Microsoft Billing Support

  • Go to “Microsoft account page”
  • Enter your “username and password” to “sign in” to your “Microsoft account”
  • Go to under “payment &billing”
  • And “select” on “payment”
  • Now select’ on “Redeem bitcoin”
  • Select the amount you want to add and “select” to “next”
  • Read and use the digital wallet to complete your transaction
  • Go to your system
  • And “select” the “open in wallet” to pay
  • Now “scan” the (QR code) to pay with your phone wallet
  • Copy (receiving address & BTC amount) of wallet on other device

Add Microsoft Account Billing / Payment online 

  • Go to your “Microsoft account”
  • Please sign in to your “payment options”
  • Now select on “add payment option”
  • Fill the information correctly and then “select” to “next”
  • Finally you have added the payment

Update Microsoft Payment Online

  • Sign in to your “Microsoft account”
  • Go to “payment” and select “payment method”
  • Click on “edit info”
  • Now enter updated information
  • Go to “card info”
  • Now make the changes you want and then “click” on “next”

Remove Microsoft Payment Online

  • Go to the “Microsoft account” and sign in with your email address and password
  • Click on “payment” and choose the “payment method”
  • Select to “remove”

Stop Receiving Billing Statement in Email 

  • Go to the “admin center”
  • And go on “billing notification”
  • Choose on “billing” and “billing notification”
  • Now go to the “receiving billing statement as email attachment”
  • At last “click” on “off””
  • If you want to receive billing statement you can click “on”

Microsoft Support 

Facing the problem with Microsoft Billing so share your every issue with the technical engineers in Idaho to solve your issue easily step by step.

Microsoft Billing Support Call @ +1-800-365-1879 (Toll-Free).