Microsoft Support Phone Number

What is the phone number for Microsoft tech support?

Microsoft is the application to perform the various task and offers many advanced facilities to complete the work professionally and personally. It is full of outstanding and attractive features.

Cannot find Microsoft Office application in windows 10

  • Select on “start”
  • Enter the “name” of “application”(word or excel)
  • Then go the “search “ and “click” on “application” 
  • Select on “start” and “find” the application “excel”
  • Click on “start” for office 2013
  • Select on “Pin to start” or “pin to task bar” to open the application quick 

Cannot find Microsoft Office application in windows 8

  • Go to “start” window
  • Enter “name” of application (word or excel)
  • Now you will see the “search”
  • To start “click” on the application 
  • Click on the “arrow” to see the application list 
  • Now search for the “Microsoft office group” 
  • Click “right” on the “name” of application
  • Select on “pin to start or pin to task bar” 
  • Click on “troubleshooter”
  • Select on “open”
  • And follow the steps carefully

Cannot find Microsoft Office application in windows 7

  • Click on “start”
  • Go to “search programs and files” and “enter” the name of “application”(like word or excel)
  • Then “select” the application 
  • Select on the “start” then click on “all programs”
  • Check the list of all the application 
  • Go to “Microsoft office group” 
  • Pin the “application” to open the application faster
  • Click “right” on the application name
  • Select on “pin to start menu or pin to task bar” 
  • If you are unable to use the “shortcuts”
  • Then use “repair an application”

Microsoft Customer support 

The team of the engineers are very active, smart and dedicate in providing the solution for errors and issues in California. 24*7 hours the solution is provide with new tools and technology.

Call  @ +1-856-514-8666.

Microsoft Phone Number

Microsoft Number Microsoft Phone Number

Microsoft is very excellent application for the management. It is very easy to use, manage, search the files, reports, exchange all the data personally and professionally in Colorado.

Install Microsoft office

  • Click on “Run” (in internet explorer)
  • And “set up” or save
  • Check the “user account control”
  • Click on “yes” (do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device)
  • Now you installation process starts

Microsoft Phone Number

  • When your installation is finished you will see “you’re all set! Office is installed now”

Microsoft Phone Number

  • Finally click on “close”

Microsoft Product key issue


Microsoft Phone Number

  • Open your “browser”
  • And type the “address”
  • Sign in your account or create another
  • Now “enter” your “office product key” don’t use hyphens
  • Follow the instruction and complete the redemption

Microsoft Phone Number

Product key in Microsoft HUP

  • Open “Microsoft HUP”
  • And “install” the “office”
  • Click on “I don’t want to sign in or create an account
  • Type your office product key, don’t use any hyphens Microsoft Phone Number

Use Microsoft Store

  • Open the “browser”
  • And type the address “”
  • And “sign in “in your account
  • Enter your “name”
  • And “click” on “order history”
  • Use “individual office app or one time purchase”
  • Click on “install office” to see the “product key”
  • Again click on “install office”
  • Now a new window will open “Hi. Let’s get your office
  • And follow instruction and again “sign in” to see your product key

Install or Download Microsoft Office 365


  • Open your “browser”
  • And type the address “”
  • Click on “sign in”
  • Follow the steps after “signing in”
  • Go to “office home page”
  • Click on the “install office” Microsoft Phone Number
  • Click on “install”
  • If you sign in using (work or school account)
  • Click on “install office apps” Microsoft Phone Number
  • To start the installation “click” on “office”

Microsoft Number Support Microsoft Phone Number

The engineers are very sincere and dedicate to solve all the major and minor issues instantly.

Call @ +1-856-514-8666.