Windows 8 Can’t send or receive email

Can't send receive emailCan’t send receive email | First of all, sign in at with the problem email address and password and check to see if you are able to see your emails or not. If you see them on the website, then this is a problem with the MSN email synchronisation process.

To fix email synchronization on MSN, we need to change the name of .sdf (sync files) from the database folder in your computer. Please follow the instructions listed below to change how to rename .sdf files, most often by rename this file will fix your email related problems.

Note: Before renaming SDF files in the database folder, backing up the stored email stored in “Folders on my computer” is recommended, click here, How to back up an email stored on MSN.

Windows 8 Can’t send or receive email | South Dakota

Note: Sign out from MSN, then close all programs before completing the steps below.

In the upper right hand corner click StartClick Search in the search box, type the following:% USERPROFILE% \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ MSN Press the ENTER key, the MSN folder will open. In the MSN folder, do the following (if you are unable to locate the Db30 folder):

  • Click ‘Organize’, then ‘Folder and Search Options’, click on the ‘View’ tab on the screen
  • Put a point on ‘Show hidden files and folders’
  • Uncheck ‘Hide extensions for known file types’ and ‘Hide protected operating system files options’
  • Click ‘Apply’, then ‘OK’

The DB 30 folder will appear inside the MSN folder.

Open the DB 30 folder, then MSN-Com. Find files ending in the form of SDF and MSN-COM_JMF SDFR-Right-click, select ‘Rename’ and add .sdf in both files (for example, after MSN-com.sdf.old). ) Close the Db30 folder

Then sign in to MSN and wait 30- 40 minutes for the email to be synchronized.

For further information and support, Call 1-856-514-8666.