Update MSN Explorer

In order to update your MSN Explorer software

Update MSN Explorer: You need to uninstall the one which is on your computer and then reinstall it. To install Msn software please follows the steps listed below:


  1. Open a Web Browser or MSN Explorer window by clicking on the blue “e” icon on the Desktop.

Update MSN Explorer

  1. In the MSN Explorer (Browser) window, type http://membercenter.msn.com/ in the address bar and press Enter.


  1. Once the page loads, click on the Sign In button and enter your MSN e-mail address and password.

Update MSN Explorer


Update MSN Explorer


Update MSN Explorer

  1. Click Download MSN Software on the right-hand side.

Update MSN Explorer

  1. Click Download and install the latest MSN software.


  1. Press the Install Now button.

Update MSN Explorer

  1. Enter Run in the File Download box. This will initiate the download of MSN’s Installation Wizard which may take about 2 to 5 minutes. You may be prompted to click Run again.


  1. On the next window, choose “Yes, I’m currently connected to the Internet.”


  1. Enter your primary “MSN e-mail address” and passwords in the field provided and click next.


  1. The next page after will prompt you to accept the MSN service agreement. To accept and continue with the installation, type your name in the blank field exactly as it appears, then select “I Accept.”


  1. In the Installation option page, select “Typical” and click on Next. (If you want to pick & choose components to choose Custom)


  1. It will display a list of components that are being installed. The rest of the download and installation should take from 30-45 minutes. It depends on your computer and connection speed. Click on Finish once it appears on the screen.


  1. The MSN welcome screen will show up and you can sign-in to MSN.

If you are still facing error while Update MSN Explorer Call @ +1-800-365-1879 toll-free without any delay.

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